Bochum Council of Junior Researchers on Intradisciplinary Law Studies (BoNiR for the German term Bochumer Nachwuchsforscherkolleg intradisziplinäre Rechtswissenschaft)



In collaboration with the Mercator Foundation, the Law Faculty of the Ruhr-University Bochum has established a post graduate programme  regarding “Compliance within the Scope of Interaction between Companies and the State”. It provides a useful exchange between legal scholars, doctoral candidates and renowned representatives of everyday legal practice, since especially the latter usually have great knowledge of everyday problems, difficulties and potential need for improvement at their disposal.

The Council attends to a crucial and dynamic research topic that is changing and developing ever since, thus evoking new challenges and questions perpetually. The Council therefore tries to bring together people from all the various branches of jurisprudence, also regarding international issues, to acquire a comprehensive and versatile understanding of the respective subjects.

Through the “Ruhr-University Research School” the Council provides doctoral candidates with the valuable opportunity to do their doctorate within an excellent and highly qualified environment.

Fotos_Abschlussfeier_LLM_SPB6/09_10_13/seer4.JPGWithin process of the Council Prof. Dr. Seer supervises two doctoral candidates who do their doctorate on “Tax Compliance from a corporative legal Perspective”  and  “Tax Compliance and its cooperative Relationship to the Tax Authorities”. The researches those candidates conduct are highly practically orientated, therefore close collaboration is provided by the company Henkel.


For further information please visit the homepage of Prof. Dr. Burgi.