Lecture Event in Nordkirchen

Lecture Event in Collaboration with the „Forum Tax Law Schloss Nordkirchen e.V.“

class=floatleftIn the scope of the lecture event of the “Forum Tax Law Schloss Nordkirchen e.V.”, the two doctoral candidates supervised by Prof. Dr. Seer within the College of Junior Researchers were given the opportunity to present their intermediate results to a competent audience, consisting of representatives of administration, jurisprudence and judiciary. Subsequently to the salutation and inauguration by the chairman of the forum Prof. Dr. Christoph Uhländer, Mister Risse (Henkel - Corporate VicePresident / Head of Global Tax & Trade Group) introduced the two doctoral candidates and their respective topics to be lectured on.

Armin Gasper then explained to the audience his current theses on “Tax Compliance from a corporative legal Perspective. Thereafter Christian Schnützler gave a lecture on his topic “Tax Compliance and its cooperative Relationship to the Tax Authorities”.

class=floatrightAs its preceding workshops, the lecture event then focused on additional discussions pertaining the presented issues. In that regard different understandings of the term “Tax Compliance” were acquired and examined. The doctoral candidates then specified the numerous legal problems connected to this “cipher”, which, as was investigated thereby, highly depended on the perspective from which the issue was considered, may it be from an administrational or an economical one.

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