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Research-related Schooling

The Bochum Chair of Tax Law offers an ongoing chance for students to commit themselves to practical research already within the course of their studies. The chair firmly supports such ambitions. Below you can find some results of such projects:

  • Die Reformmodelle der Grundsteuer (Models for a Reformation of the Real Estate Tax) (Part I%2BII, KStZ 2011, 164; 2011, 205) - by Sebastian Bartsch


The author stud. iur. Sebastian Bartsch participated in a seminar held during the summer session of 2011 by the chair of tax law under the main topic „Kommunalsteuern und –abgaben“ (Municipal Taxes and Local Rates ). For his paper as part of his examination he was graded highly outstandingly. Subsequently he got his paper published by the “Kommunale Steuerzeitschrift %5BKSTZ, periodical for local tax matters).

Mr. Bartsch therein takes a stand on plans to reform the real estate tax that have been considered for years. Thereby the valuation seems to be a significant problem. Furthermore he investigates and explains the various reform models that are currently under consideration.

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