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German Association of Tax Lawyers e.V.

- An Association of Tax Lawyers to take care of the Tax Law for scientific, schooling and practical matters.


The Association of Tax Lawyers (Deutsche Steuerjuristische Gesellschaft e.V. – DSTJG) was founded in 1976 and during her first years was headed by Prof. Dr. Klaus Tipke, subsequently by Prof. Dr. Heinrich Wilhem Kruse and others. Scientific encouragement is her main and exclusive purpose, which she pursues solely on a non-commercial basis. Her constitution states the following objectives:

  • Fiscal researches and teaching

  • To improve the realisation of her scientific findings according to tax law in practice

  • To supoort an adequate consideration of fiscal teaching within legal schooling at universities as well as in public and academic legal exams

  • To develop educational guidelines and outline job profiles regarding taxation

  • To publicly comment on important cases and other fiscal issues, especially on legislative proposals

  • To encourage the permanent dialog between tax lawyers working in the legislative, executive, judiciary, scientific and schooling fields as well as those of liberal professions

  • To maintain an ongoing collaboration and exchange between all the various persons and institutions active in the scope of taxation

Prof. Dr. Roman Seer functioned as (vice) chairman of the society from 2006 to 2014. Today he is a member of scientific board.

In 2016 Prof. Dr. Seer lectured about the Modernisation Act of Tax Procedure Law in the city hall of Bremen and the fiscal court in Düsseldorf. The annual conference took place from 18. to 20. of September 2016 at the University of Hannover concerning employee taxation. Especially Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Drüen who is a former member of the chair contributes the conference with a fundamental lecture.


In year 2015 the 38. volume with the topic „Steuerstrafrecht an der Schnittstelle zum Steuerrecht (criminal tax law on the interface to tax law) was published. It contains the fundamental article of Prof. Dr. Seer „Verständigungen im Steuer- und Steuerstrafverfahren“ (Mutual agreements in tax law and tax procedure law).

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